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Nickname: -PRETTY--WOMAN-

Hi, I'm Luana a I'm 26 year old straight female. I love interacting with people on all levels. You do not have to try to impress me and say you are this and that and you have this and that. We are here to play so let's play. I can find something exciting and be turned on by anyone so do not worry about your size, looks or body. Believe me once you have control over your fantasies you can experience great orgasmic pleasure.



Hi, I'm Cortney a 21 year old bisexual female. I love showing off my body and fulfilling every mans fetish and dream. I am here for you, so any special request, let me know!!! I love to get nasty and kinky as possible. I play hard and I like to speak to intelligent people that enjoy not being inhibiting about getting freaky and enjoys life, because life is just to damn short not to make the most of it. I am a honest and sincere Southern Girl that loves to play. One of those laid back girls that you can't piss off. 


Nickname: _Serena_

Hi, I'm Anna a 19 year old bisexual female. I'm a sexy blonde bombshell and I'm all original, nothing fake here. Yep, they are real guys. Let me start by saying I hate boring people, so if your boring don't bother. LoL. I'm here to help you reach new sexual excitement and to have some fun for myself. I love sharing my body with strangers on cam, it makes me so hot to think about playing with my wet pussy while chatting live with you. Come to my private web cam and tell me what you like, and don't be shy, I promise I'm not going to be.



My Private Web Cam Revenge

An erotic webcam story

  Hi, my name is Ann and  I'm telling my story for people who enjoy the sensual pleasures of cam to cam relationships and  sexual encounters with people online. The way I got involved in the whole real home webcams thing was a turning point in my life. It all started one day when I came home early from work. My boyfriend of four years, who I'd been living with for about two years, was usually at home during day watching television or sleeping because he worked nights. Well this particular day, when I entered the apartment, I knew something was strange because the lights were dim, the stereo was on, and candles were lit. As I approached the bedroom I knew what was going on before I even opened the door.   Yep, that's right, he was banging his ex-girlfriend in my bed! Well as you can imagine a huge fight occurred. I lost it and went crazy, yelling and screaming and slapping the shit out of him. Then she jumped on me and pulled my hair and stuff, it was a complete nightmare. 

  Anyway to make a long story short, to get back at him for cheating and hurting me the way he did, I started meeting people online. It was just shortly after that I learned about web cams and how to operate them. so I began having Private web cam sex with the people I had been meeting online. I made sure I took good care of a few of his friends that lived out of town, because I knew it would get back to him, which it did. Ha Ha. 

 Although it started out something I was doing for revenge I found that playing on cam is a very sensual, fun and sexually exciting way to improve my sex life. I absolutely love every second of it. I'm just a normal girl and I don't sleep around with just anybody, so don't get the wrong idea. I do enjoy cam to cam relationships. I see it as a safe way to pleasure myself and others. Plus you meet a lot of really great people. But I am not by any means a cheap, easy slut.

  I use I-Friends adult community because it is a great  free live adult web cams service with a free lifetime membership and there's a lot of great people to meet there. Whatever your fantasy or fetish you will find someone that has the same personal and sexual interests as yourself to me on home web cams. You should check it out, below is the link to get your free lifetime membership. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.     

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